We are the first promoters of the Italian fund for biodiversity, which works towards promoting biodiversity in Italy by supporting large and small projects to safeguard our protected areas. They will take place in the numerous national and regional parks of Italy. Protecting biodiversity is fundamental for shielding animal and vegetable species from harm and therefore ultimately works to safeguard the quality of life for humans.

All the bottles are made of 100% recyclable PET which, thanks to the specific characteristics of reliability and durability that distinguish it, has made it possible over time to gradually reduce the amount of plastic used to produce the bottles. The attention we place on protecting the springs by maintaining the surrounding area in a natural and uncontaminated state, ensure that the waters remain pure and unaltered over time and is essential for the well being of consumers.



We use 100% clean energy, guaranteed by the new EECS environmental certificates.

The EECS certificates certify that we use electricity from renewable sources. They are the only certificates with validity of law in Italy and can only be exchanged in the year that they are issued, thereby ensuring that the energy compensation takes place every year; only renewable energy will be used by the CoGeDi group from now on.



All our PET bottles are 100% recyclable. It is a safe and reliable material which, besides its resistance, security, transparency and usability, contributes to the defense of the environment: it is 100% recyclable. We have maintained the reliability and strength of our bottles and decreased the plastic quantity used for bottles and packaging, granting an additional advantage for environment protection.



Being located in natural and uncontaminated areas, the care and safeguard of the springs are key for the consumer’s good health, allowing water to remain pure and unaltered throughout time.