Quality above all!

This is CoGeDi’s response to the continuously increasing demand for waters and beverages that are certified both industrially (with state of the art faculties and high levels of quality control) and scientifically. Indeed, scientific research is at the forefront of CoGeDi brand positioning. The numerous studies commissioned by Uliveto and Rocchetta in gastroenterology, sports medicine, paediatrics, nephrology, urology and dermatology are proof of CoGeDi’s commitment to promoting and increasing the health of consumers.


Controls and analyses

Constant controls and chemical analyses using the most advanced technologies ensure the excellence of CoGeDi products.

  • 1,500 analyses are conducted daily in each plant
  • the production line is aseptic
  • the sanitary programmes are operated automatically
  • extremely high levels of hygiene

Quality controls certified according to international standards ISO 9001:2015