ULIVETO E ROCCHETTA: “For the health of the environment we use ONLY solar energy”


Rome, May 2024. Social media, statistical data and observers describe a society whose citizens are paying ever more attention to their health, an attention that involves both lifestyle choices and decisions about what to buy and leads consumers to favour quality products.

However, it is clear to everyone that personal health is inextricably linked to environmental health. This is apparent in the effort that most Italians now make to not waste energy and consider the health of the planet as a priority. Therefore, those who care about people's health cannot ignore the health of the environment. Uliveto and Rocchetta have always been committed on these two fronts and are pursuing a mission to protect both the environment and consumers.

These values have driven the two companies down a path towards sustainability that focuses first and foremost on protecting the sources of their natural mineral waters, promoting the development of the circular economy in Italy, the use of 100% recyclable PET bottles and engineering caps that cannot be separated from the bottles. In 2024, Uliveto and Rocchetta have reached a new important milestone by acquiring the GO Guarantee of Origin certification as part of a strategic partnership with Gestione Italia Spa, a leading company in the energy sector.

The Chairman of the Co.Ge.Di. International S.p.A. Group, Maurizio Bigioni, is pleased to announce that the Uliveto Rocchetta Group has implemented an even more decisive commitment to environmental sustainability and the responsible use of energy resources.
In his own words: “I am proud to announce that we have transitioned to an exclusive use of renewable energy from solar sources for all our production activities. The decision to rely on solar energy alone will allow us to significantly reduce the impact of our companies on the environment so that we can protect it for future generations. This important result, obtained in partnership with Gestione Italia, is the result of our tangible efforts to act as responsible custodians of the planet and encourages us even more in the search for solutions to preserve and improve health, including that of the environment”.

This certification confirms that all the energy used in the bottling of the Uliveto and Rocchetta mineral waters, in all their different guises and packagings, is produced only from 100% Italian solar sources.

The CEO of Gestione Italia, Nicola Molitierno, voiced his enthusiasm for this joint venture, saying, “Our collaboration with Uliveto and Rocchetta not only promotes the adoption of solar energy in the mineral water sector, but also represents a step forward in our joint mission to promote environmental sustainability. We look to the future with a view to expanding our commitment towards direct renewable energy production even further”.

This significant step towards more sustainable production, aimed at reducing environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions, underlines the fundamental role played by renewable energies in achieving decarbonisation targets.
Through the use of solar energy, certified and produced entirely in Italy, Uliveto and Rocchetta are committed to providing their consumers with a product that guarantees the utmost respect for the environment. This is why we can say that we use energy only from renewable solar sources because health, including that of the environment, comes first!