Acqua Uliveto and Rocchetta are part of the Circular Economy Network. The project was started by the Sustainable Development Foundation to support and promote the development of circular economy in Italy.

As promoters of this project and supporters of the green economy, we have decided, together with other Italian companies and organizations, to be alongside the Foundation for Sustainable Development in order to give voice to the Appeal for Climate addressed to the European Parliament and to representatives of the Government and of the Italian Parliament.
The aim of this appeal is to make European investments suitable for the challenge of an ecological, climatic and socially sustainable transition.

Businesses, governments and citizens around the world are today facing an epochal challenge: changing the energy system as well as production and consumption patterns, in order to give life to an environmentally and climate-sustainable economy.

The appeal promoted by the Foundation for Sustainable Development asks that the stimulus packages for the recovery from the recession caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, would dedicate an adequate portion of its funds for the funding of investments necessary for the transition to carbon neutrality.

The final version of the post-Covid European recovery package will be discussed in November, which is why today we join the Foundation for Sustainable Development in order to demand that the European proposals for climate and the environment be more incisive and adequately funded.

Today more than ever before, we have the duty to take care of our planet, by using practical solutions and sharing a common vision. Now is the time to make responsible choices.