The Uliveto and Rocchetta commitment to the national health emergency

In this difficult time of national health emergency, the ULIVETO and ROCCHETTA Mineral Water Group has chosen to stand alongside those who are devoting their time and commitment to help and look after people affected by Covid-19.

Through our initiative, we intend to devolve a total of € 600,000 to the four Italian regions worst hit by the spread of the Coronavirus.

Specifically, we have decided to donate € 150,000 each to Ospedale San Luca in Lucca, Policlinico di Tor Vergata in Roma and Ospedale San Paolo in Milan, and to commit another € 150,000 to the purchase of medical devices for the Regional Civil Protection Centre of the Umbria Region which is responsible for distributing the equipment to the healthcare facilities most in need.

This mark of solidarity represents a tangible and effective decision by a Corporate Group which has always had health and wellbeing at its heart and that today, more than ever, feels the need to do its part to support the community, supporting healthcare facilities and professionals working on the front line every day to manage this emergency.