Spring sees the launch of a new website for Uliveto.

Improved graphics are supported by a positive evolution in the underlying technology. What's new?

La struttura modulare consente costanti aggiornamenti in linea con le nostre attività di comunicazione per essere sempre al passo. Il sito rivela inoltre la sua natura responsive essendo accessibile da smartphone e permettendo la consultazione in mobilità. Infine il contenuto è disposto su un’unica pagina: la lettura sarà così facile e immediata.



Uliveto: Italy's number one naturally sparkling water.

News of the year: Uliveto is the number one naturally sparkling water in Italy.  This is backed up by the new data from IRI: Italians prefer the healthy option and have chosen Uliveto, which has reached a volume share of 22.8% (an increase of 1.3 points) so achieving the leading position in its' category in the retail segment.



The new CoGeDi site is online and full of information. Visit it now....

CoGeDi is an prominant, completely Italian, industry leader. Known to the public through its celebrated brands, Uliveto, Rocchetta, Brio blu, Elisir and Thé di Rocchetta, it is a dynamic, modern company with old roots. CoGeDi is a market benchmark, both in Italy and abroad, and one of the most important players in the mineral water, ready to drink tea and fruit based beverages market. The new site was developed to give the public and trade operators a clear view of the...