It is scientifically acknowledged that to promote the body's biological functions, a mineral water must have a good mineral content. After all, what kind of mineral water is mineral water without minerals?

The new Uliveto commercial (which will have extensive television, web, press and radio coverage), created and directed by Marcello Cesena and produced by Massimiliano La Pegna's Moviheart production company, with whom Uliveto has been working for over ten years, has been broadcasting since the end of February.

This new campaign promotes the value of exercise and eating right for staying youthful. In the commercial, endorsers Alex Del Piero and Maria Grazia Cucinotta remind the public that Acqua Uliveto is naturally rich in minerals, such as bicarbonate, magnesium and calcium, and is recommended for promoting good digestion, building strong, healthy bones and staying youthful.

  1. GOOD DIGESTION, bicarbonate stimulates the production of gastric juices in the stomach, facilitating the absorption of food and easing the feeling of heaviness. While magnesium helps to fight constipation by encouraging the activity of the intestine.
  2. STRONG BONES, the calcium in Acqua Uliveto is highly digestible, which means it is immediately absorbed by the intestine, contributing to bone solidity and combating osteoporosis, a disease common in both men and women. As recognised by Ministry of Health Decree no. 4311 of 15-7-2019, two litres of Uliveto water contain approximately 400 mg of calcium, which is 50% of the recommended daily nutritional value.
  3. STAY YOUTHFUL. A body that stays youthful is a body that can move and digest at its best. Regular physical activity and a healthy, balanced diet are key factors for living well at all ages. The sun is also important, when taken in small doses and when the rays are not harmful.