Uliveto, the water for the sport

Uliveto, the healthy water, has always been involved in the world of sport, selecting the most important events and teams, from the Athens and Atlanta Olympics to Italian Serie A football teams, from local events to national teams, all thanks to scientific findings. Uliveto is in fact the only mineral water that can boast a whole series of scientific research that confirms it should be drunk before, during and after sporting activity.

Backed by these findings, Uliveto has this year chosen to accompany Italian athletes in a year of international-level events: the Olympics and the UEFA European Championship.

Both the Italian Swimming Federation (FIN) and the Italian Volleyball Federation (FIPAV) have in fact chosen Uliveto, recognising its healthy properties and suitability for physical activity.

The Italian Swimming Federation has over 5,000,000 active members and its 1,500 or so affiliated pools have more than 1,460,000 members. Swimming is the healthiest sport and Italians are well aware of this, as shown by the hundreds of medals won by the federation.

The Italian Volleyball Federation is the federation with the second highest number of members in Italy. It has over 367,000 and attracts continually growing interest, especially with young people, male and female.

It is no surprise that the link between Uliveto and sport has also been endorsed by the most prestigious association of sports medicine: the Italian Sports Medicine Federation (FMSI), the top body appointed by the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) to safeguard the health of all Italian athletes. Uliveto will be present at the FMSI symposium dedicated to its national congress, and a large number of scientific papers are set to be published on the importance of the choice of mineral water when practising sport.

New partnerships will be communicated to the public also thanks to a new television campaign starring the multi-award-winning world champion Alessandro Del Piero. He will be teaching a curious cute young boy that sport means health and this is the reason why Italian athletes drink Uliveto, the water for the sport!

The campaign will be on air across all the channels from 5 June, including digital terrestrial and Sky, together with a radio and press version.