Acqua Uliveto is the mineral water for sports lovers thanks to its optimal mineral content, with a balance of sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium, making it particularly suitable for use before, during and after physical activity.

The healthy mineral water Uliveto, whose properties make it particularly recommended for use before, during and after physical activity, has been chosen by 8 Italian sports federations:

  • Italian Swimming Federation
  •     Italian Light Athletics Federation
  •     Italian Volleyball Federation
  •     Italian Rugby Federation
  •     Italian Boxing Federation
  •     Italian Basketball Federation
  •     Italian Gymnastics Federation  
  • Italian Rowing Federation

Thanks to these partnerships and sponsorship deals with events and major teams, Uliveto is consolidating its position as the water for sport. This association unites Uliveto with professional athletes and thousands of members of the various federations who drink Uliveto water to optimise their athletic performance.

Uliveto is also a partner of FMSI, the Italian Sports Medicine Association, a body of the Italian National Olympic Committee established to protect athletes. The common goal is to promote the benefits of good sporting practice and promote the importance of good hydration.