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Uliveto is sponsor of the Italian Rugby Federation (F.I.R.) and the Italian Athletics Federation (FIDAL). In 2017, it is going sport crazy: it will be taking to the volleyball court with Federvolley, diving into the pool with Federnuoto, scoring tries and running round the track. Uliveto joins the pack. The Italian Rugby Federation is over 80 years old. And every year its prestige and following grows, promoting the inherent values of the sport: team spirit, sacrifice and passion....

Sponsoring & Events

Uliveto, the water for the sport.

Uliveto, the healthy water, has always been involved in the world of sport, selecting the most important events and teams, from the Athens and Atlanta Olympics to Italian Serie A football teams, from local events to national teams, all thanks to scientific findings. Uliveto is in fact the only mineral water that can boast a whole series of scientific research that confirms it should be drunk before, during and after sporting activity. Backed by these findings, Uliveto has this year chosen...

Sponsoring & Events

A new look for Uliveto water.

Uliveto bottles are due for a makeover in February. All bottles will come with a completely redesigned label. This step completes a restyling operation that aims to maximise brand visibility with a bigger logo. The label also carries the now characteristic red bands on the shrink-wrap, highlighting the bird image, which has become the Uliveto icon. The labels on the half-litre bottles will also still feature personalised quotes from Alessandro Del Piero, upgraded for size and legibility.