Scratch and Win” contest with Uliveto

Uliveto water drinkers can participate in the “Scratch and Win” contest, competing to win one of over 2,000 shopping vouchers worth €50 each.

The scratch cards are found inside packages containing 6x1.5 litres and 6x0.5 litres of Uliveto water.

On each scratch card, there are 5 silver spaces, representing the five “friends for good digestion” - water, fibre, fruit, sports and vegetables - just scratch them to find out if you have won one of the shopping vouchers.

In addition, if you find the Uliveto bird by scratching the dedicated silver space, you can win a one-year supply of Uliveto water to your home (365 bottles with bimonthly delivery).
The contest ends on 30 September 2019.

The complete rules can be found on the website