Rocchetta and Equilibra, a healthy alliance

Rocchetta and Equilibra, cleansing and beauty. The two brands have launched a partnership which includes a prize competition, discounts and promotions with the emphasis on feeling great.

Equilibra operates in the major retail segment with dietary supplements and cosmetics, and in the pharmaceuticals segment with Syrio-branded products. Like Rocchetta, Equilibra is also one of the sponsors of Miss Italia. And Alice Sabatini, winner of the 2015 crown, will be the face of the partnership.

From 1 April to 15 July 2016, all 6-packs of 1.5 litre bottles of Rocchetta will include a postcard featuring a code. Consumers just need to type in the code at to take part in the instant draw of 1000 Equilibra "cleansing-beauty" kits made up of 5 products (Fast Drena, Caffè Verde Drenante, Gel Aloe Cellulite, Crema Aloe Corpo and Crema Aloe Viso) of a value of around 40 Euro. Everyone will be given a free annual subscription to online magazine INFORMA, a quarterly health, beauty, culture and general  information publication.

And that's not all. It will also be possible to use the promotional postcards as 2 Euro discount vouchers for purchases of the Equilibra “Fast Drena” and “Caffè Verde Drenante” products. There are 7 million reasons to have a go, the same as the number of discount vouchers in circulation.

The partnership will be supported with a radio and press campaign. And accompanied by information published on the Cogedi and Equilibra websites and on the social profiles of the two companies.