Promotions & contests

Rocchetta and Equilibra, a healthy alliance.

Rocchetta and Equilibra, cleansing and beauty. The two brands have launched a partnership which includes a prize competition, discounts and promotions with the emphasis on feeling great.

Equilibra operates in the major retail segment with dietary supplements and cosmetics, and in the pharmaceuticals segment with Syrio-branded products. Like Rocchetta, Equilibra is also one of the sponsors of Miss Italia. And Alice Sabatini, winner of the 2015 crown, will be the face of the partnership.

Promotions & contests

"Win 300 cruises" contest.

Up to 31 July, this contest gives purchasers of a 6 pack of Uliveto water a chance to win 300 cruises. The place is the elegant and prestigious Cote D’Azure, but even more exciting is the dream boat: the vintage sailboat “La Signora del Vento” [the Lady of the Winds]. An unequalled trip and unique experience for the lucky winners.