Promotions & contests

Scratch and Win” contest with Uliveto.

Uliveto water drinkers can participate in the “Scratch and Win” contest, competing to win one of over 2,000 shopping vouchers worth €50 each. The scratch cards are found inside packages containing 6x1.5 litres and 6x0.5 litres of Uliveto water. On each scratch card, there are 5 silver spaces, representing the five “friends for good digestion” - water, fibre, fruit, sports and vegetables - just scratch them to find out if you have won one of the shopping...

Promotions & contests

Scratch and win with Uliveto and Rocchetta.

Consumers can find the competition scratch card in 6x1.5 litre packs. Scratch the silver area and find out if you have won right away. There are over 10,000 vouchers of 10, 20, 40 or 100 euro to be won together with 20 golden birds, for total prize pool of 200,000 euro. The competition runs until October 31, 2018. As well as through the packaging and store materials, the operation will also be promoted through TV, radio, press and digital campaigns.

Promotions & contests

Uliveto: helping our digestion for 150 years.

 There is lots to celebrate because this water has grown, becoming a healthy daily habit for many Italian families. At the same time it has always remained faithful to its origins. It all began in a little town in the Tuscan hills, Uliveto Terme, which took its name from the local spring, famous since ancient times. In fact, it is said that while travelling from Vicopisano along the road to Bientina, the troops of Frederick I were quite struck by the pleasant flavour of this...