The return of Alessandro Del Piero for Uliveto.

From Sunday, June 8 the 2 new Uliveto commercials featuring Alessandro Del Piero will go on air. In coherence with the theme which started with Laura Chiatti in February, the commercials are based on stories of everyday life in the home of Del Piero, struggling to cope with an amusing team of young footballers.

Promotions & contests

"Win 300 cruises" contest.

Up to 31 July, this contest gives purchasers of a 6 pack of Uliveto water a chance to win 300 cruises. The place is the elegant and prestigious Cote D’Azure, but even more exciting is the dream boat: the vintage sailboat “La Signora del Vento” [the Lady of the Winds]. An unequalled trip and unique experience for the lucky winners.