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Rocchetta and Equilibra, a healthy alliance

Rocchetta and Equilibra, cleansing and beauty. The two brands have launched a partnership which includes a prize competition, discounts and promotions with the emphasis on feeling great.

Equilibra operates in the major retail segment with dietary supplements and cosmetics, and in the pharmaceuticals segment with Syrio-branded products. Like Rocchetta, Equilibra is also one of the sponsors of Miss Italia. And Alice Sabatini, winner of the 2015 crown, will be the face of the partnership.

Promotions & contests

Putting out fires with Uliveto and Rocchetta

For the first time, two leading national brands, Uliveto and Rocchetta spring waters, along with the singer Gigi D’Alessio, are promoting a widespread campaign to raise awareness in the “Terra dei Fuochi” (“Land of Fire”, a vast area in the Campania region known for fires caused by burning waste). This concrete commitment, dedicated to the Campania region and the South of Italy, falls in line with the overall ideal of health and wellbeing that our waters have always promoted.


Promotions & contests

Uliveto takes you to the Olympic Stadium to see your favourite team

Uliveto, together with Roma and Lazio, will be present in the press, posters, radio, TV and stores in the Lazio region, and will involve consumers in a competition with the possibility of winning tickets for the Monte Mario stand to see their favourite team in the Olympic Stadium.

All consumers have to do is buy one pack of Uliveto, go on website and take part in the competition to win one of hundreds of tickets to matches for the 2 Roman teams for the Serie A 2014/2015 season.